Once you reach 80+ points on the B Impact Assessment, you're ready to submit your assessment and start the verification process. 

If you're not at this stage, bookmark this page to come back to later.

Key points

  • After you submit, you can expect waiting period of around 8 months.

  • Your score is likely to change during the verification process.

  • Be sure to respond to your analyst promptly to keep the process moving.

The verification process

Once you submit your assessment, our global Standards team will lead the verification process for your business. You will receive email notifications from the assessment when you have been assigned an analyst or when additional information is required.  

The following timeline is a guide only. Actual times depend on:

  • whether a company drops below 80 points 

  • a company's response time to queries and documentation requests

  • demand for certification

A review may be closed if the company does not respond to requests after a period of time. 

Due to growing interest in certification, there is currently an 8-month wait after submission until a company is assigned an analyst. You can edit your assessment while in the queue, so use this time to make improvements.

Submit and pay submission fee

Read more about the submission fee here. 

Evaluation queue

~8 months

Due to record demand for certification, you will spend a few  months in a queue before you're assigned an analyst for evaluation.  You can still edit your assessment in this stage, so use this time to improve your score. Australian companies can also complete the legal requirement. 


~1 month

An Evaluation Analyst will reach out via email or the assessment platform to confirm key information. Ensure that notifications are enabled in the assessment.

Verification queue 

~2 months

You will be asked to start uploading documents to support answers in your assessment.


~2 months

You will be assigned an analyst who will work with you to review your assessment. Additional documentation will be requested via the Verification Report. In some cases, a review call is conducted. 

Should you drop below 80 points during Verification, a 3-month improvement phase is added to this timeline. 

~1 month

Final internal review

Your disclosure questionnaire will be reviewed and a background check is conducted by the Analyst. The final step is a peer review before certification is finalised. 


Sign the B Corp agreement, pay your annual certification fee, and get welcomed into the B Corp community!


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any fees associated with the review process?

All companies pay a A$250 submission fee and the annual certification fee at time of certification. Subsequent annual certification fees will be invoiced each year before your certification month. New certification fees come into effect on 1 July 2021.

Companies that certify under the Large Enterprise approach are subject to additional fees due to additional verification requirements. Companies with annual revenue above A$100 million and either a) operate in 2 or more industries or 5 or more countries, or b) have 10 or more subsidiaries should contact us to complete discovery and scoping.

What if my score drops below 80 during the review?

You will be given up to 3 months to improve your score back up to above 80 points. If you need more time to make improvements, you may resubmit your assessment to commence Verification again (and be subject to current wait times).

If I don't certify, can I still use the B Impact Assessment?

Yes! More than 100,000 businesses around the world use the tool to measure and manage their impact, and we love that you are one of them! If you've accidentally submitted your assessment and do not wish to continue please contact us.

How do I check where I am in the review process?

Watch this video to see how you can check your status and whether you have outstanding actions to complete.

Does the legal requirement apply to me?

Yes, the legal requirement must be met in order for companies to gain certification. This applies to both Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand companies.

  • Companies with less than $5 million revenue must complete the legal requirement before certification.
  • Companies with annual revenue of $5 million or more have 12 months from certification to complete the legal requirement.
  • Publicly listed companies or other companies with complex structures may have more than 12 months to meet the requirement.
  • Read more here.