A submission fee applies for companies wishing to submit their BIA assessment

Well done for getting ready to submit your assessment for verification! We appreciate the enormous task you have undertaken, and all your efforts to date.

A submission fee of A$250 now applies to Australian and New Zealand companies who submit their B Impact Assessment to begin the B Corp certification Review process. 

This fee goes to fund additional resources we have developed to undertake initial evaluation of all applications. We have sought to keep the BIA as a free tool for any business to use to drive as many businesses as possible to manage their impact, however it has become necessary to introduce an initial submission fee.


The submission fee is refundable if we determine your organisation is not eligible to become a Certified B Corporation - however once the full verification process commences (when a Standards Analyst is appointed) the fee is not refundable, even if you do not complete the process and become a Certified B Corporation. The submission fee is separate to your annual certification fees, which are payable on a yearly basis once you become a Certified B Corporation.

There are some FAQ below to help you understand this fee and the terms and conditions that apply. 

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Explore these answers to our frequently asked questions.

Why charge a fee now?

We are facing record demand for certification, leading to challenges developing sufficient resources to assess the companies submitting their assessments. Whilst it is great to see more businesses looking to improve their impact (and well done for getting through the BIA!) we have had to redesign every step of the assessment process. The submission fee is a small contribution towards these costs.

When did the submission fee start?

The submission fee applies to companies who submit their assessment on and after 11 January 2021.

Does the submission fee apply to re-certifying B Corps?

The submission fee does not apply to re-certification of existing B Corps.

What does “ineligible” mean?

Ineligibility is not about your performance - certain organisations, like charities who have gift-recipient status and do no trade to earn income, are not eligible to be Certified B Corporations. If you are a subsidiary of a larger business sharing a common brand, or trading from the same legal entity, in some instances you may not be eligible to be Certified B Corporations. These issues are explored during an evaluation stage, following submission. Being ineligible is not the same as ‘dropping below bar’. If a company’s BIA score drops below 80-points during Verification, an improvement period of 3 months will be given for score improvements. If a company is unable to get above bar during the agreed timeframe in Verification, the Review will be closed and the company will need to submit its BIA again, and at that point would need to pay another submission fee.

Is the submission fee refundable?

The submission fee is non-refundable unless a company is determined to be ineligible for certification. Companies who are ineligible to certify will be advised following submission, before a Standards Analyst is assigned. Refunds are not available after a Standards Analyst is assigned and Verification begins.

How do we pay the submission fee?

We encourage companies to pay the submission fee directly via the B Impact Assessment using a credit card or PayPal. (Log in to the BIA, click Review on the left menu and navigate to the Submission Fee task). If you are having trouble paying the submission fee directly on the BIA, please email us at support@bcorporation.com.au.

What happens once the submission fee is paid?

Once the fee is paid you will proceed to the Evaluation Queue, which is the stage before Evaluation. In 2020 B Lab experienced a record increase in submissions for certification globally, where demand for certification is exceeding the capacity of our global assessment team (the Global Standards Trust) to review companies. As a result, you may wait in the Evaluation Queue stage for some time, and we’ll keep you up to date on timing.
You can continue to refine your assessment and make improvements in your business whilst you wait in the Evaluation Queue. Your B Impact Assessment will only be "locked" when a Standards Analyst is assigned and begins to work with you. Up until that point, you can still edit answers in your BIA. Watch this short video on how to use the Improvement Report to get you started. You can also check out these Best Practice Guides to see if you can get some quick wins with further improvements!

Can I pay in NZD?

Not yet, but soon. We're working on $NZD pricing across our products, but for now we can only charge in $AUD - sorry to our Kiwi friends!

Does the fee include GST?

For those based in Australia, the fee is inclusive of GST. No GST applies for organisations based in New Zealand.

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