State of the B 2019

Business as a force for good in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand

We are thrilled to share our first annual impact report to show the collective impact of B Corps.

The aim of this report is to inspire — a chance to share B Lab’s vision and reveal how B Corps are outperforming other businesses when it comes to making positive impact across their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

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The State of the B 2019 includes:

  • ​An invitation to co-create an inclusive and regenerative economy

  • Quick overview of the critical challenges for ANZ and B Lab’s contribution to addressing them in this region and beyond

  • The impact of B Lab’s work through the B Impact Assessment and Certified B Corporations

  • Stories of impact from 10 B Corps in their own words 

  • Practical ways you can partner with B Lab


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Featured case studies in this report

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“Certification has helped tell the story of our positive impact in a way that is easily recognisable while differentiating our company and advancing the move towards a more inclusive and sustainable economy”


Allyson Lowbridge

Chief Customer Officer

State of the B - at a glance

All businesses can aspire to be Certified B Corps.


Businesses of all sizes, industries and sectors are joining the Certified B Corporation community of credible leaders - from high-growth start-ups like Maths Pathway to established corporations like Intrepid Group.


ANZ is the fastest growing region per capita for B Corps in the world (over 270).

B Corps are high performing organisations

  • 2 X more likely to offset their greenhouse gas emissions^ (27%) 

  • 2 X more likely to donate revenue to charity^ (77%)

  • 91% manage gender pay equity 

^Compared organisations who’re working to improve their impact by completing BIA, who’re generally more conscious than the average company.

Collaborate with us to build an impact-driven economy

Want to build the B Corp community and make impact-driven business the norm in Australia and New Zealand?


​We are NFP and rely on partnerships, financial contributions & grants to operate.​

We appreciate contributions small or large.


We collaborate with organisations to deliver programs and research that help fund our work.​

To explore collaborations please get in touch.


The B movement is built on collaboration. To grow our collective impact we welcome:

  • Corporate volunteers

  • Pro bono services

  • Access to venues

  • Media in kind


To change culture, Australia needs to encourage and celebrate companies that show commitment to responsible business practices. We propose amending the Corporations Act 2001 to create an opt-in model for impact-driven companies.

*B Lab Australia and New Zealand is a registered charity and not-for-profit, however we do not have Deductible Gift Recipient status

Download the full State of the B report for case studies, impact data, and our vision for an economy that builds community and regenerates the environment ​

State of the B Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand 2019 was powered by Deloitte NZ. B Lab Australia and New Zealand is greatly appreciative of Deloitte NZ’s contribution.