Introducing the legal requirement for Certified

B Corporations in Australia

A new accountability for stakeholder governance 

For Certified B Corporations around the world, the legal requirement is a critical part of accountability. It sits alongside a B Corporation's social and environmental performance and commitment to transparency.

We started exploring the benefit company model in Australia in 2012. We're excited to announce we can meet the goals of the model without the legislative reform. In 2020 we have a new pathway for making this important commitment in Australia.

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The importance of stakeholder governance

The B Corp legal requirement is a core element of certification demonstrating that all B Corps – no matter where they are in the world – share a commitment to pursue profit and purpose. The legal requirement demonstrates that companies hold themselves to a higher standard of accountability for their decisions. Companies commit to consider the impact of their decisions on all stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, community, and the environment.


The legal requirement helps companies protect mission through capital raises and leadership changes, and aligns investors (and potential investors), directors, founders and management.

The B Corp legal requirement in Australia

In Australia, a company can meet the B Corp legal requirement by amending its company constitution - or governing documents for other eligible forms - to include the legal requirement language.

Australian law permits a company to amend its constitution to set out its objects,1 which means that a company can include a purpose in its constitution. 


Before making this change, we recommend seeking legal advice for your specific circumstances, particularly if you are a public company or have complex shareholdings.

 1 Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) s 125(2).

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Wondering when you need to make this change?

As of 1 September 2020, current Certified B Corps have until their next recertification or March 2022 - whichever is later - to make the amendment.

Aspiring B Corps:

  • If you have 49 workers or less you must make the amendment BEFORE completing certification, but you may choose to do this after submission alongside your review.

  • If you have 50 workers (full-time equivalent employees) or more you have 12 months from certification to make the amendment.

Check your recertification date

Thank you to MinterEllison for providing expert guidance and support in developing the new legal requirement in Australia.


Resources to meet the legal requirement

Our legal partners have compiled resources to make meeting the legal requirement as smooth as possible.


B Lab Australia & New Zealand recommends seeking legal advice before making changes to your constitution.

The Full




Resolution of

Sole Member


Resolution of


Guide for Directors

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For B Corps, a commitment to purpose is central to your certification. But what does stakeholder governance and the Declaration of Interdependence look like in practice?


Watch this conversation featuring Geoff Manchester from Intrepid, Tim O'Brien from Hatched, and Kristy Dixon from Marque Lawyers to explore what good governance looks like in everyday business.

Bringing the legal requirement to life

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FAQs about the legal requirement

Explore these answers to our frequently asked questions.

As a Certified B Corp, when do I need to make this change?

Certified B Corporations have until their next recertification or March 2022 – whichever date is later – to make the change. For example, a B Corporation due to recertify in December 2021 must make the change by March 2022. A B Corpration due to recertify in July 2023 must make the change by July 2023. For more information about your recertification date, please login to your B Impact Assessment.

Can I amend my constitution using my own language?

B Corporations can add additional clauses or wording beyond the legal requirement to suit their company's needs or mission. However, to remain certified, B Corporations cannot remove language from the legal requirement clauses.

Do New Zealand B Corps need to meet the requirement?

Not at this time. We are currently working on a legal requirement for New Zealand B Corps and anticipate this change in the near future.

Does making this change earn points in the assessment?

Yes, you can access up to 7.5 points in your next assessment for adopting the legal requirement.

As an aspiring B Corp, when do I need to make this change?

You have up to 12 months from certification to make this change. However, if you choose to make the change before certification, you can gain up to 7.5 points towards your B Impact score.

Once I've made the change, what's next?

Implementing the legal requirement in your organisation will mean actively consdering all stakeholders in your strategy and decision-making. As a B Corp, it's likely that you do this to some degree already, and this will formalise those values. To learn more about how to bring the legal requirement to life in your business, watch the recording from our webinar . You can also find plenty of tips in the full how-to guide, and we'll be sharing case studies from B Corps in the coming months.

I'm a sole trader or small business. Does this affect me?

All B Corps need to meet the requirement through amending their constitution or other governing documents. Watch the recording of our webinar to explore what the legal requirement looks like in practice.

Where to get advice

If you need help with the changes, these B Corp law firms are offering an initial, obligation-free half hour consult to answer questions or discuss any tailored assistance.



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"Companies and investors need to go beyond nice statements of purpose by making themselves legally accountable to create value for society."

Andrew Kassoy

Co-Founder, B Lab

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