Guide to becoming a B Corp

7. Get started

You've read the guide, made your plan to certify, and you're ready to go!

Let's start

Once you start the assessment, be sure to check your inbox for emails with tips and resources to help you on your journey.

Check out our quick guides below to get a head start on how to navigate the assessment!

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Quick guides for the B Corp Assessment

Platform features

  • The Dashboard tab is your homepage

  • To add team members, navigate to Settings, then Add team members.

  • For a score overview, head to Reports and BIA Performance

  • To view previous versions of the assessment, go to the Assessments tab

  • To download all questions in Excel or a PDF, head to Questions Filter and click Download 

  • The blue Get help button on the bottom right of each page links to FAQs and self-help tips

Question features

  • The flag icon on the right of every question allows you to bookmark questions for later

  • To view the bookmarked questions, go to Reports and Bookmark Report 

  • The star icon lets you set future goals 

  • View your goal report under the Goals tab on the panel 

  • For definitions and explanations, click the learn button on the top left of every question 

  • To give feedback on a question, click the feedback button on the top left of every question