Businesses with at least 12 months of operations can apply for certification. 

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Other business models

Sole traders

Sole traders are eligible to certify. They should select 'zero workers' when choosing the company size in the B Impact Assessment.


Start-ups must have 12 months of operations before they can submit for certification.  This begins from the first supplier, client, or full time employee contract.

Pending B is not currently available in Australia & New Zealand.


In Australia, not-for-profits with a Company Limited by Guarantee legal form without DGR status can certify.

In New Zealand, companies with charitable status must derive income from business activity, not donations, and intend to maintain this business model.*

Mutuals & cooperatives

Partnerships, mutuals, and cooperatives are usually eligible to certify.*

*If you are unsure about your eligibility please contact us before proceeding. 
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When to contact us

Before starting your assessment, get in touch with us if your company's revenue exceeds USD$100 million AND:

  • operates in 2 or more industries

  • operates in 5 or more countries

  • has 10 or more subsidiaries