Guide to becoming a B Corp

5. How to navigate the BIA

To answer most questions you'll need documents, policies, metrics and more.

Important information you'll want to have on hand.

  • A payroll register and employee roster

  • Latest Profit & Loss Statement

  • Anything you formally 'track' e.g. energy use, employee attrition,  waste production

  • Understand the legal requirement

  • A list of your "significant suppliers”. This includes your top 80% of suppliers / vendors by dollar volume

  • A break down of revenue from your various products and services

  • Any sustainability / corporate social responsibility goals. This includes reports and progress tracking

  • An employee handbook


How to approach completing

the assessment

 1. Take a first pass at the assessment and bookmark questions to go back to later.

2. Gather company info you didn’t have the first time, go through a second time and answer questions based on the evidence you have.

3. Improve your score and implement new practices if you're below 80 points. Most companies come in at 50 points so you will likely not hit 80 from the start.  

How to answer questions in the BIA




Answer N/A, don’t know or none of the above.


Do not answer based on plans that your company has in the future.  




Once you submit your assessment, you will be asked to provide written evidence to get points.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the BIA?

Dedicate half a day to attempt all questions and get a baseline score. You can bookmark questions to come back to later.

What if I don't know all my answers?

Estimate your answers and bookmark questions to revisit later. We recommend getting someone senior in your company to do the first pass as they'll likely have access to a lot of the info needed.

What if some questions aren't relevant to my business?

The assessment is intentionally tough. More than 50% of questions are reach questions.

Who do I need to engage?

Human Resources, Operations & Finance, Legal. Explain objectives and benefit. Assign questions and deadlines. Engage your leadership team early on for buy-in.

We're a small business and some of this seems out of reach for us

Small businesses are encouraged to use the BIA tool as a framework to help identify areas of your business where you can focus on implementing new policies and practices to improve your positive social and environmental impact.

Do I lose points for clicking N/A options?

No. The points of the N/A option are redistributed to other more applicable questions in the assessment. You can check your N/A points on your BIA Dashboard.

Do I need to provide documents as I go?

No. Once you reach 80 points and submit you will enter the review process which is where documentation will be needed.

Is there someone at B Lab who can do this for me?

Head to our B Consultants page to see a list of consultants experienced with the BIA who you can get in touch with.

Quick guides

Getting around the B Corp Assessment.

Platform features

  • 'Dashboard' tab is your homepage

  • To add team members - head to 'settings' and then 'add team members'

  • For a score overview head to 'Reports' and 'B Impact Report'

  • To view previous assessments go to 'Assessments tab' 

  • To download all questions in Excel or PDF head to 'Question Filter' and click the download button 

  • The dark blue 'support' button at the bottom left hand side of each page links to FAQs and self help tips!

Platform features
The Dashboard

Question features

  • The flag icon on top right of every question allows you to bookmark questions for later

  • To view the bookmarked questions go to 'Reports' and 'Bookmark Report' 

  • The star icon lets you set future goals 

  • View your goal report under the 'Goals tab' on the panel 

  • For definitions and explanations click the 'learn' button on the top left of every question 

  • To give feedback on a question, click the 'feedback' button on the top left of every question 

Question features
The Dashboard

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