Guide to becoming a B Corp

7. Submit and Verify

Now that you've hit the 80+ points it's time to submit and verify. If you're not ready, bookmark this page and come back to it later. 

Review process

The length of the process will depend on your score fluctuation as well as your ability to respond to follow-up questions and actions. It is not uncommon for companies to drop below the 80 points and you will be given time to improve your score back up.

Submit and pay submission fee

Read more about the submission fee here. 

Evaluation Queue

~4 months

Due to record demand in certification you will spend a few  months in a queue before you're assigned to Evaluation.  Tip: You can still edit your assessment in this stage so use this time to improve your score.


~1 month

Evaluation Analyst will be reaching out via email or the assessment platform to confirm business operations and key info.

Verification queue 

~2 months

You will be asked to start uploading documents to support answers in your assessment 


~2 months

You will be assigned an analyst who will work with you 1 on 1 (via email and the assessment) to review your assessment. More documentation will be needed and possibly a review call.

~1 month

Final internal review

Standards team will review your disclosure questionnaire, do a background check and peer review before certification is finalised. 


Sign the B Corp Agreement, pay first year certification fee and join the B Corp community!

What happens once you submit?

Once you've hit 80 or more points, submit your assessment for review to become a B Corp.

The review process involves different stages where you will spend time providing information and supporting documents to members of our global standards team who will be verifying your assessment .


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take from submission to certification?

Anywhere from 8 months onwards. To keep things moving, be responsive to requests from your analyst whether it's responding to follow-up questions or uploading documents.

What documents will I need to provide?

It will vary for each company but here are some core docs you will need: - Most recent Profit and Loss statement - Employee Handbook (if you have one) - Supplier Code of Conduct (if you have one) - Questions that you're scoring large points from will most likely be targeted - Questions where you have indicated you track certain metrics e.g. water, energy etc...

Are there any fees associated with the review process?

You will have to pay a submission fee when you submit and if you're a larger company >$100 million in revenue there may be additional fees for the review process. You will also pay your first year certification fee when you certify.

What if my score drops below 80 during the review?

You will be given time to improve your score back up to 80 (usually around 3 months) if your score is still below 80 after the allocated time you will need to resubmit your assessment.

I don't want to become a B Corp I just want to use the BIA tool

That is completely fine. We have 40,000 + businesses around the world using the tool to measure and manage their impact but aren't necessarily pursuing B Corp certification. If you've accidentally submitted your assessment and do not wish to continue please email

How do I check where I am in the review process?

Watch this video to see how you can check your status and see whether you have outstanding actions to complete.

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