Update: Champions Retreat cancelled

Dear B Corps, 


Despite so much positive news on our collective efforts to beat Covid-19 in Australia and New Zealand, there remains considerable risk in planning in-person events with large gatherings. Outbreak management may see areas and borders closed again with little notice. There is also uncertainty around travel, density limits, and other public health measures. We have explored alternative venues and plans, but all remain subject to the risk of last-minute cancellations of flights and accommodation, and by our venue and vendors. We’re also aware that many in our community are unable to travel to Tasmania from their current home bases, whether due to company travel bans or inaccessible flights, and it wouldn’t be the Champs Retreat we once planned.

We have therefore made the difficult decision to cancel the B Corp Champions Retreat in March 2021. But it’s not all bad news, we have a great plan ahead for 2021. Read on!

The detail on refunds

Rather than postponing the event again, we are offering refunds to our guests. As you heard from us before, we plan to refund 80% of your purchase, excluding Humanitix booking fees (which go to a good cause!). On a $995 ticket we would therefore refund $796, retaining 20% for unrecoverable costs. This has been further subsidised with the support of our Partners. If this approach presents difficulties for you, please get in touch with us to discuss.

Refunds will be processed through bank account transfers, and for B Corps you have the option of applying the funds towards your next renewal invoice as a credit. Please fill out this form with instructions for us to complete this process.

A new approach for 2021

In planning for 2021 we are focussed on bringing our B Corp community together, without the risk of a major last-minute cancellation. We are planning a series of events across Australia and New Zealand in major cities where our B Corps are located - in addition to B Local activities.

Our goals are to:

  • Connect people from B Corps in each location in person at a social gathering

  • Run sessions focussed on improving impact, delivered online to allow attendance across locations

  • Connect with key global leaders at each session

  • Design & deliver the events in partnership with B Locals (where applicable) and B Corps

Dates and plans for these events are forthcoming. We also plan to bring you a Champions Retreat once there is enough certainty - and we hope you can join us when we do. Our team is looking to pay Spring Bay Mill a visit to support them after a challenging year - should borders and flights allow - and we hope the wider community will one day too. They have been incredibly supportive of B Lab in managing the postponements.

Thanks again to our event Partners

I want to again acknowledge our event Partners who have been incredible at backing B Lab through this difficult time, and who have helped enable refunds with their funding and in-kind support. Without their support and leadership we would not have been able to evolve our plans.

Our gratitude goes to:

Thanks also to Sahaja Yoga Mats and Flora & Fauna who had both made commitments to in-kind support at the event itself. Their contributions were going to delight you!

For now, stay well and all of us at B Lab look forward to seeing you soon.


Yours in community


Andrew & Kira