Completing the assessment is different for everyone. It will likely take a few attempts before you reach 80+ points, submit, and become a B Corp. 

Key points

  • You will most likely need to spend time making improvements.

  • Learn from other B Corps about what they did .

  • Attend workshops or work with a B Consultant for additional support.

Steps for completing the assessment


Block out time in your calendar do a first attempt at the assessment. Try to answer as many questions as you can and bookmark those you need to come back to later. 


Gather missing information for bookmarked questions and engage colleagues to support you. Use the learn function or the knowledge base to get a better understanding of questions that are unclear.


If your score is below 80 points, set goals and use the improvement report to make a plan. Most companies come in below 80 points on the first try, but continuous improvement is what defines a B Corp!

Learn from other B Corps

Hear how B Corps navigated their journey to certification, which improvements were key, and their top tips, including open-sourced guides and policies you can use yourself!

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"Everyone’s business is different, and there’s no one-size-fits all when it comes to this process, but here is a breakdown of what worked for us.”


Tips for completing the BIA


 Click the learn button for explanations or definitions, or search the Knowledge Base. If a question doesn't apply, select N/A if it's an option.


You can add team members in your settings. Remember that the assessment and score are updated when each team member changes an answer.


Use the 'star' icon to set goals, get email reminders, and review your Goal Report. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SaffronStays?

SaffronStays is India’s Preferred Network of Fully-Serviced Private Vacation Homes and Estates. We partner with Home Owners who have passionately built homes or inherited heritage gems across the country, and open doors to discerning families and friends for long-term and weekend stays.

Who are your Guests?

With our tagline ‘Where Families Bond’ we attract families who want to celebrate special occasions, friends who want to host a get-together and colleagues who want to connect outside their workplace. We usually host guests from Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Goa, Delhi, Chandigarh and Jaipur who don’t have a ‘Must-See/Must-Do’ checklist, but rather value the luxury of a private vacation home.

How are you different from Airbnb?

We are a complete hospitality and property management company - we exclusively manage reservations across OTAs including Airbnb,, Go-MMT and have a strong distribution arm through Travel Agents and Event Managers. Unlike an aggregator, we take care of operations as well as marketing and branding of your home.

How do I partner with SaffronStays?

You can fill-up the form (at the top of this page), and our Home Acquisition & Onboarding Team will get in touch with you. Each home is evaluated based on a revolutionary 200-point checklist. We don't list all homes - only the best ones.

How much can my home earn if I partner with SaffronStays?

We offer different revenue models depending on the home, the existing operations in the home and the ease of access to that destination. You can write to the team on to understand how we evaluate the true value and worth of your prized vacation home.

Can I visit my own home after I list it with SaffronStays?

Yes, of course! We understand the effort you’ve put into building your vacation home or maintaining an ancestral mansion. Not only can you visit your home but also unlock access to any other home at special rates.

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