Completing the assessment is different for everyone. It will likely take a few attempts before you reach 80+ points, submit, and become a B Corp. 

Key points

  • You will most likely need to spend time making improvements.

  • Learn from other B Corps about what they did .

  • Attend workshops or work with a B Consultant for additional support.

Steps for completing the assessment


Block out time in your calendar do a first attempt at the assessment. Try to answer as many questions as you can and bookmark those you need to come back to later. 


Gather missing information for bookmarked questions and engage colleagues to support you. Use the learn function or the knowledge base to get a better understanding of questions that are unclear.


If your score is below 80 points, set goals and use the improvement report to make a plan. Most companies come in below 80 points on the first try, but continuous improvement is what defines a B Corp!

Learn from other B Corps

Hear how B Corps navigated their journey to certification, which improvements were key, and their top tips, including open-sourced guides and policies you can use yourself!

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"Everyone’s business is different, and there’s no one-size-fits all when it comes to this process, but here is a breakdown of what worked for us.”


Tips for completing the BIA


 Click the learn button for explanations or definitions, or search the Knowledge Base. If a question doesn't apply, select N/A if it's an option.


You can add team members in your settings. Remember that the assessment and score are updated when each team member changes an answer.


Use the 'star' icon to set goals, get email reminders, and review your Goal Report. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the assessment?

The B Impact Assessment can be completed in a few hours, if the person completing the assessment is intimately familiar with the operations of the business. For a small company, this may be the CEO or COO. For a larger company where information is dispersed across departments, engaging team members can add to the timeline of completing the BIA and getting a baseline score.
We suggest dedicating at least 2 to 4 hours to attempt all questions and get a baseline score. Questions can be bookmarked to revisit later. A list of bookmarked questions can be seen in the Bookmark Report.

What if I don't know all my answers?

Estimate your answers and bookmark questions to revisit later. We recommend getting someone with deep knowledge of a company's operations to do the first pass, as they'll likely have access to the information needed.

What if some questions aren't relevant to my business?

It is common for small companies to feel that questions such as governance structures and measuring carbon emissions are more relevant for larger businesses, even when on the correct track. They are intentionally designed to be aspirational. Consider some of these questions as reach targets or future improvement opportunities.
If you have reviewed the previous BIA Set Up section of this guide, you can be confident that you're on the correct Assessment Track.

Who do I need to engage before starting?

Engage your leadership team early on, as this often leads to important conversations about the direction of the business. If you are still articulating the value proposition of certification, we recommend completing the Intro to B Corp Short Course (1 hour) to hear directly from local B Corps on why they certified. B Corp certification is a transformational journey - the reasons for certifying now could change down the track as a company matures in their impact journey.

When there is commitment to certify, certification becomes a team sport. Commonly you would to involve team members in HR, Operations & Finance, and Legal. At this stage, you can assign questions and deadlines to different team members.

As a small business, achieving 80 points seems out of reach. Should we continue?

The majority of Certified B Corporations around the global are small to medium businesses, and therefore certification is achievable for companies of all sizes!
Startups are especially encouraged to use the B Impact Assessment framework to embed good policies and practices early on, so that positive social and environmental impacts are woven into their operations and business models as they pivot and grow.
We are certain that B Corp certification is available to those committed to meeting the performance requirement one day - therefore achieving certification is a question of when, not if!

What is the N/A score?

The N/A score is an adjustment for questions that did not apply to a company and were answered N/A. It is important to distinguish between ‘No’ and ‘N/A’ in your answer, because the latter results in a score adjustment. Read more here.

What evidence is needed? Do I need to have all my documents ready when I submit?

Some, but not all, questions will be selected for documentation during Verification. This stage takes place after a company reaches 80+ points and submits their assessment for review. For detail about the Verification process, see our Submit & Verify section. In the meantime, it is important for you to know what documentation is available internally to support your answer, and if those documents can be provided upon request.

It is not a requirement, but some companies use the activity section below each question to make notes for other team members or upload documents for information sharing. The activity section was developed to support teams to collaborate. Some users prefer to keep the documentation in a folder and organise it by impact area for easy access.

What information do I need to have to complete the assessment?

The information needed varies from company to company, but the following sources are commonly needed:

  • A payroll register and employee roster
  • Latest Profit & Loss Statement
  • Anything you formally 'track' e.g. energy use, employee attrition, or waste production
  • A list of your "significant suppliers”. This includes the top 80% of suppliers and vendors based on expense
  • A breakdown of revenue from your various products and services
  • Any sustainability or corporate social responsibility goals, including annual reports and progress tracking
  • An employee handbook

Can the list of questions be downloaded?

Yes, questions can be filtered and then downloaded into a PDF or spreadsheet format. Click on the Questions Filter from the left menu, then click on Filter on the top right. The filter menu will appear on the right of your screen to enable you to select the types of questions you would like to filter. Once you are happy with the list of questions selected, you can click “Download or Print PDF."

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