Join your B Local Community 

B Locals are place-based communities of people using business as a force for good.

What is B Local?

At the core of every B Local are Certified B Corporations— for-profit companies that use the power of business to create a shared and durable prosperity for all.


Led by passionate volunteers, B Locals exist to create connections, increase the positive impact of their B Corp community, and raise awareness of the B Economy.


A B Local can be formed when 10 active B Corps are operating in the region.

Who can join a B Local?

B Locals are designed for members of the B Corp community primarily but there aspiring B Corps, purpose-driven organisations and individuals are welcome to join 

Want to start a B Local?

Get in touch with B Lab’s Community Manager Gaya for more information.


Join a B Local. Make a difference!


  • Professional development

  • Values-aligned volunteer opportunity

  • Expanded personal network


  • Increased visibility for your business

  • Deepened relationships within the community

  • Lead to future collaborations or business partnerships


  • Ignite a B Local community or take it to the next level

  • Inspire and identify future B Local leaders

  • Bring national recognition to your community

  • Forward the B Corp Movement, and responsible business, in your home region

B Local introduction webinar


Co-hosted by B Lab’s Community Manager and B Local Sydney’s founding Chair.