B Consultants Program

An in-depth training program for consultants committed to supporting companies to improve their social and environmental impact, and to become Certified B Corporations (B Corps).

Who is the B Consultants program for?

This program is for experienced consultants who provide services to businesses in Australia and New Zealand and who are: 

  • Committed to using business as a force for good

  • Experienced providing consulting services to businesses

  • Familiar with sustainability, the B Impact Assessment and/or the B Corp movement (beneficial)


You do not need to work for a B Corp yourself, however it would be an advantage for you to have undertaken the B Impact Assessment.


What will I learn?

  • How to help your clients to navigate the B Impact Assessment (BIA) - the first step towards becoming a B Corp

  • Understand the B Corp Standards and legal requirement for businesses to comply with in order to become a B Corp

  • How to support your clients to identify impact improvements opportunities and set goals in all areas of their business, including their operations and business model

  • How to communicate the benefits and process of joining the Certified B Corporation community to your clients.

Outcomes & benefits

During the B Consultants Program:

  • Hands-on experience leading companies through the start of the B Corp Certification process

  • Mentoring by highly-experienced B Lab Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) team members (available to launch program participants only)

  • Connection and networking with the community of B Consultants in Australia and New Zealand

On completion of the B Consultants Program:

  • Promotion of the person who has completed the program as a B Consultant on B Lab ANZ's website and other communications channels

  • Potential opportunities to facilitate training and deliver consultancy services on behalf of B Lab ANZ

  • Certificates of completion for B Corp Short Course and B Consultants Training Program

Becoming a B Consultant

Before the program

The B Consultants program:

There are three components to the program:


  1. B Consultant Live Virtual Workshops: Participants will take part in interactive workshops on: Inside the Global B Corp Movement; Using the B Impact Assessment (BIA) to drive business improvements; Understanding impact business models (IBMs); Marketing and delivering services using the BIA and B Corp certification. There will be 4 x 2 hour workshops. 

  2. Online Learning Space: Participants will have access to on-demand resources, templates and group discussions via Thinkific. Self-guided learning will be approx. 1-2 hours per workshop topic.

  3. Applied Learning: Participants must do one (or both) of the following: complete a BIA or complete an impact improvement plan for a company registered in the BIA. The BIA is the key component of the B Corp certification process. An impact improvement plan identifies the areas in the BIA where there is opportunity for the company to improve to increase their B Impact Score so that they are eligible for B Corp certification. B Lab will review the completed BIA and/or impact improvement plan and provide feedback in a one-on-one session with each participant. These activities need to be completed within 6 months of the workshops.

B Lab ANZ wishes to ensure that companies receive effective and appropriate support to engage with the BIA and the B Corp certification. In the unlikely event that B Lab is not satisfied with the level of participation or activities completed by a participant, they will be asked to continue their learning in a subsequent B Consultant Program.

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Ongoing commitments

In ordering to maintain your B Consultant status, you must demonstrate ongoing commitment through the following steps:

  • Attend a B Consultant Webinar (1 every 12 months, AUD$330)

  • Provide one mentoring session to a future B Consultant Program participant to provide feedback on a BIA and/or impact improvement plan they have completed

  • Mentor 1 or more B Consultants to complete two BIAs within 18 months of completing the B Consultant workshops

  • Engage with the B Local in your city though attending B Local events and participating in other activities

  • For consultants in businesses <AUS$100m revenue: complete B Corp Certification for your business within 18 months of the B Consultant workshops (if not already a Certified B Corp)

  • For consultants in businesses >AUS$100m revenue: complete the B Impact Assessment for your business within 18 months of the B Consultant workshops (if not already a Certified B Corp)

B Lab ANZ will continue to promote B Consultants while these commitments are met.

Key dates

​Applications for the 2021 Program are now closed and applicants have been notified of the application outcome. ​

We will be making a decision about future programs in mid- to late-2021.


To express interest in joining future programs, click below.


B Consultants Program fee:

  • AUD$1500 for consultants employed by a B Corp

  • AUD$2500 for other consultants

  • AUD$1000 for a second consultant from your business

Two scholarship places will be available for Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and/or Maori consultants that provide consulting services to Maori and/or Indigenous businesses. These scholarships are offered as part of B Lab Australia and New Zealand's commitment to Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.

Successful applicants are requested to pay the fee in two monthly installments via credit card.

Frequently asked questions

Who is the B Consultants program for?

The B Consultants program is for people that have experience providing consulting services to businesses, and are committed to supporting companies to improve their social and environmental impact, and to become Certified B Corporations (B Corps). It is helpful to have experience with the B Impact Assessment, the B Corp Certification and/or sustainability, but it is not essential. We are looking for participants from a range of locations, industries, and B Corps or aspiring B Corps.

What will I be able to charge as a B Consultant?

B Consultants will be able to set their own fees for services that use the skills and knowledge gained through the B Consultants program.

What will participants be able to do when they complete the B Consultants program?

People who complete all elements of the B Consultants program will be listed on the B Corporation Australia and New Zealand website. B Consultants will be able to build the skills and knowledge they learn into their consulting offerings. Some participants may be invited to deliver training and/or services on behalf of B Lab Australia and New Zealand.

Can I take the B Consultant Program with my colleague or colleagues?

Definitely! Companies who would like to have more than one employee trained as B Consultants will only pay a discounted fee of $1,000 for every additional participant.

What are my ongoing commitments as a B Consultant?

To become a B Consultant participants will need to complete all aspects of the B Consultants program (listed above).

B Consultants will need to stay up to date with the latest developments in the B Impact Assessment and the B Corp Certification via an annual webinar, provide a mentoring session to a subsequent program participant, engage with the B Corp community in your area, and work towards your business becoming a B Corp.

Who is recognised as being a B Consultant and how are they recognised?

The B Consultants Program is for individuals.  People who complete the B Consultant program and meet the ongoing commitments (see above) are recognised as B Consultants and listed on the B Corporation ANZ website. You can include your current employer in your B Consultant listing. If you leave your company and continue to meet program requirements, you can still be recognised as a B Consultant.